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Photo Credit: EquinePix Photography

Entering for the Autumn WPCS Official Sale

Welcome to the WPCS Official Sale website. 

Entries, and payment can only be done via this website.

Members are encouraged to enter early – the closing date for entries is Friday August the 23rd, 2024. This will be strictly adhered to.

If you have any difficulties or need help entering your animals please email or call 01570 471754 and a member of staff will call you as soon as possible to offer assistance.

Vendors are reminded that to ensure a quick entry process that:

  • To enter you must be a current fully paid-up member of the WPCS – to enter you will need your membership number which is printed on your membership card.

  • The animals entered must be in your ownership. The animal’s passport should reflect this and be stamped by the WPCS.

  • Animals over the age of 18 cannot be sold at the Official sales.

  • Fill in the forms - you can enter a maximum of eight foals or eight older stock at a time. If you wish to enter more than eight animals you will have to submit a second form 

  • Foals must be four months old or over

  • The pedigree details will be  completed by the Society

Foal Entry Form HERE

Other Entry Form HERE

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