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General Information


The sale will be held at The Royal Welsh Showground, Llanelwedd, Builth Wells, Powys, LD2 3SY.

The Showground is signposted on all main roads. For further more detailed directions please see the map on


The gates will be open from 4.00pm until 9.00pm on Thursday 19th and 7.00am until 8.00pm on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday.



Contact Information

Please call the dedicated WPCS Official Autumn Sale 2023 phone number: 01874 454565 for any pre-sale enquiries.


To contact us during the Sale please call Mr P. Blackman-Howard on 07815 743478 or Mr D. Morgan (Foreman) on 07798 881345.

Admission Charges

£12.50 per person, under 16’s free (non-vendors).  

Sale Image.jpg


All horse boxes and trailers, caravans and vendors will be directed to the official horse box area designated for the event and will enter through the Horse Hill entrance. General Public vehicles will be parked off the roundabout as directed near to Builth Wells town. Day parking for vendors and non vendors is FREE. All entrants should have their barcode passes on arrival.


Lorries and trailers will also enter through the Horse Hill Entrance and after being unloaded will be directed to the parking area.  There will be plenty of space for parking overnight.


Overnight Parking/Stays

If you are staying on Thursday 19th October, you will need to book and pay online or payment will be taken upon arrival.  Contact Severn Valley Events on 01874 454565 for overnight charges.


Hook ups

A number of hooks-ups will be available.  These will be available on a first come first served basis and can be pre-booked through Severn Valley Events 01874 454565.


Booking Fees

Online bookings for admission tickets, overnight stays, catalogues and temporary stabling.  


The Welsh Pony and Cob Society pavilion will be open serving breakfasts, lunches and suppers as well as a selection of rolls and sandwiches. There is also a licensed bar in the Pavilion for members.

Opening hours:

Thursday from 4.00pm until 11.00pm

Friday and Saturday 7.00am until 11.00pm

Sunday 7.00am until early evening. 

Severn Valley Catering will be in attendance and will provide a full service from 4pm on Thursday and 7.30am on Friday morning until end of the day on Monday 23rd October.

Please note only alcohol purchased from the bar or the onsite caterers can be consumed in the sale building.


Alcohol brought in from outside is in breach of the licensing laws and will be confiscated by security.


Dogs are NOT permitted within the sale ring building.

Purchaser Registration

All prospective purchasers will be required to pre-register at the Sales Office and obtain a buyers number. (Please see the Purchasers Registration Form at the front of the catalogue or pick up from the Sales Office on the day). You will be asked for a form of identification that proves your present name and address such as a driving licence or a recent utility bill.  If you do not bring this identification with you, registration may be refused.



Viewing of lots (subject to vendors approval) will be available in the cattle showring or stable area.


Order of Sale

The Auction on Friday, Saturday and Sunday will be in catalogue order.



Payment must be made by cash, credit or debit card on the day of the sale. Cheques will only be accepted from regular clients who are well known to the Auctioneers (unless a bankers reference has been provided).


Anti-Money Laundering rules apply at all our auctions and prospective buyers who wish to settle accounts in cash should contact our office for details.


Payment must be made before the removal of any lot from the sale premises. Failure to settle within one hour of the end of day’s sale will render the sale void.


Ponies will be sold in pounds (£) Sterling, in addition to a 7% plus VAT buyers premium will be added to all purchasers accounts.  If the entry is marked VAT, then a further 20% will be added to the hammer price.


On behalf of the Welsh Pony & Cob Society the Auctioneers will also collect the current transfer fee of £15 from each lots’ purchaser, at point of payment.


Online Bidding

All potential purchasers wishing to register for Online Bidding with the Auctioneers will be required to lodge a holding deposit against their credit card of £1,000 (One Thousand Pounds) with our online bidding platform Auction Marts at least seven working days before the sale commences.

Potential purchasers wishing to buy via the ‘Auction Marts’ online system should visit and register to buy.

If you do not lodge this holding deposit you will be unable to bid online.



If possible, all entries sold on the day will be transferred into the new owner’s name by the WPCS staff present at the sale. Amended passports will be available to collect on payment for the lot.

Export/Overseas Shipping

Purchasers must make their own arrangements with the vendor/third party for housing animals until they can be exported.  All costs are the responsibility of the purchaser.  Representatives for export will be available, details from the Auctioneers.


Transport is arranged soley at the Purchasers risk.  A list of transporters will be available at the stables.


Commission Bids

The Auctioneers are pleased to accept commission bids from potential purchasers prior to the day of sale upon proof and validation.


All entries are registered in the Welsh Pony and Cob Society Stud book. Registration numbers are noted against the names of registered ponies.  Further pedigree information is available via the Online pedigree facility on


Please remember to tick both ‘dead’ and ‘alive’ boxes when searching an animal’s pedigree. Any queries regarding registrations should be directed to and marked SALES QUERY.



There will be a designated area with a WPCS backdrop for taking photographs next to the collecting ring so that animals can be photographed after they have been through the ring. Photographers are reminded that they enter this area at their own risk, and are requested to be mindful of their own safety when photographing entries.


Veterinary Surgeon/Vetting at the sale

Available on sale days, details from the office. Please note the Conditions of Sale in relation to Veterinary matters and procedure.


Attention is drawn to the terms of warranty printed in the Conditions of Sale and the Additional Conditions of the Welsh Pony & Cob Society.


Lee Harris, registered farrier will be available on site and can be contacted either through the office or by Derek Morgan our foreman.



A limited amount of hay will be available at £5.00 per bale.


All lots will be stabled in the RWAS stables and are to be removed by 6pm on the day of sale. One bale of straw will be provided for each stable, the night before the first sale. 


Additional temporary stabling is available at £25+VAT per night (on a first come first serve basis) and must be booked and pre-paid with Severn Valley Events by Monday 16th October or by phoning 01874 454565.  These stables will be available from 5pm should be vacated by 12.00 noon the following day.


Head Collars/Halters

Vendors of horses which have been sold are requested that the animal must be left with a suitable head collar/halter, positioned on the animal immediately after sale


Failure to provide a suitable head collar/halter will result in a deduction of £5 per animal from the sale proceeds.


Vendors will be charged a standard commission of 7% plus VAT. There will be a minimum commission of £20 plus VAT per lot.


Upset Prices

Upset prices will be in operation for the sale.

Reserve Prices

Unless written instructions are lodged with the Auctioneers, lots will be sold without reserve.  Vendors are advised to fix their own reserves to ensure that their animals are sold for riding, breeding or showing.

All Sections £120

This means that all animals that do not reach a bid of £120 will not be sold.

Private sales 

All private sales, including pre or post auction must be booked through the Auctioneers.


No lot will be allowed to leave the showground until a pass has been obtained from the Sale Day Office.  In the event of a lot label missing from a lot, this animal will not be allowed to leave until identified to the satisfaction of the Auctioneers Representative. All lots will be microchip checked against their passports.


The Auctioneers at Official Sales reserve the right to refuse future entries from vendors who have failed to fulfil their obligation to present all lots for sale.

Please note

Everyone attending the sale does so at their own risk.


Please do not enter those areas and walkways reserved for horses. The horse walk is only accessible by those leading/associated with a horse. 


Members of the public are excluded from the horse walk.


Riders please wear hard hats of an approved standard at all times when riding on the showground.



Additional Conditions of Sale – Customs and Excise

Would all vendors note that we (McCartneys LLP) will raise a SelfBilling Tax Invoice for the proceeds of any good in this or any other Sale held by us. It is a Customs and Excise requirement that this is the only Tax Invoice raised for those items.


We must have your VAT registration number (where appropriate) together with your name and address for inclusion on any Self-Billing Tax invoice raised by ourselves.

You must notify us immediately if your VAT registration number is cancelled or if you are issued with a new VAT number.


Any vendor not agreeing to this system of Self-Billing Tax Invoices being raised by us must notify us prior to the commencement of the Sale. Regrettably, we can only operate with a Self-Billing System in place and therefore will not sell the goods of any vendor who is unable to accept this system.


Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors Rules of Conduct

This sale is not required to comply with RICS Members Accounts Regulations. No monies paid to this sale are covered by any scheme for the protection of clients money operated by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveors. A more detailed explanation can be obtained from the RICS Regulations Department. 

Special note to Vendors 

  • You have signed an undertaking not to sell your lot(s) prior to the Sale. We trust that everyone will abide with this rule as withdrawals only mean wasted journeys and disappointment for potential buyers. A penalty of £100 (plus VAT) plus full commission on reserve price and debarment from future sales will be levied on those in breach. This penalty also applied for sales made privately on the sale premises and not booked through the Auctioneers.

  • Please note all lots will be checked in through the gates and only permitted to leave with the appropriate pass from the office.

  • The vendor should declare all faults, unsoundnesses and vices – including the fact that the lots has suffered from Sweet Itch or sarcoids or sarcoid like lesions.

  • Please ensure that your lot has adequate food and water throughout the sale day.

  • Any surgical intervention such as stitching, caslicks etc.

required by breeding mares/fillies must be declared by the vendor.


Special note – Sale Conditions

The sale conditions have been revised in accordance with up-to-date veterinary practice and with a view to protecting the rights of our clients to an even greater degree.




Veterinary Procedure

All lots are sold subject to veterinary examination unless sold for £600 or less, or otherwise stated. 


Veterinary surgeons are available to examine lots as to whether they are correct under the Conditions of Sale. The veterinary surgeon’s decision that a lot be returnable is binding on both parties. All lots can be subject to the following veterinary procedures:

Two stage vetting and blood samples (pre-paid at McCartneys office) for £170+VAT


Buyers must notify the office that they require examination within 1 hour of the time of purchase and receive a vetting slip to enable examination to take place. 


Sellers must check the veterinary board displayed in the Sales Office to see if their lot must be presented for veterinary examination. Sellers should not leave the Sale Site without first checking the vetting board. 




It is emphasised that the facilities are not available to undertake a full veterinary examination on the day of the Sale, but part veterinary examination should take place. This part examination should include examination for warts, sarcoid or sarcoid like lesions, which can only be complained about on the day of sale. Only lots that are examined by the panel of Veterinary Surgeons appointed by the Auctioneers on the day of the Sale have an extended two working days (including Saturdays) to enable complete veterinary examination. 

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